Residential Services

 Decorate your rooftop by outlining rooflines, ridgelines, and dormers. Compliment the front of your home with lights around such things as windows, doors and other distinct features of your home. Other options include the lighting of bushes, hedges, and trees, as well as the outlining of flowerbeds, walkways & driveways with staked lights. Add wreaths and garlands for that finishing touch.


Residential Services Offered


Residential Lighting

Go Green This Christmas - Start a new family tradition this year by switching to L.E.D’s. The bulbs last 100 times longer and use less than 1/10th the power of conventional bulbs, plus…they look incredible.

L.E.D's are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes with a hard nylon shell that helps prevent breakage. You can WOW your neighbors this Christmas while reducing your carbon number!




Residential Tree Lighting

Tree lighting is by far the most spectacular form of holiday lighting. With options including:

*The famous ‘Wrapped to the Tips’ – every single branch is tightly wrapped from top to bottom

*The ‘Along All Main Arteries’ –lights wrap the trunk and extend upward along all sizeable branches toward the top of the tree

* The ‘Trunk Wrap’ - lights are wrapped horizontally up the trunk of the tree to a given height

* The ‘Canopy Wrap’ –lights are placed outside the canopy in a variety of different ways including:

(1)The ‘Spiral Wrap’
(2)The ‘Vertical Wrap’
(3)The ‘Random Wrap’

Trees look great in colors too!



Residential Interior & Exterior Design

Our “Interior Pros” will work in accordance to your wishes. Whether you need a large team of experienced professionals, or a single decorator to follow your continual instructions, we’ve got you covered.

We’re happy to decorate to your exact specs, or to design a job that sets the perfect mood. Add garland to fireplace mantles, banisters, stairway railings, and counter tops.

Wreaths are perfect for doors, windows, walls, and other creative spots.

We have unparalleled experience in both artificial and live Christmas trees, with the ability to transport and decorate even the largest, in the most difficult locations.






Residential Ground and Landscape.

Ground and landscape lighting gives a festive look without attaching anything to the house or building front. Landscape lighting includes the wrapping of bushes, hedges, shrubs, little trees and ground cover.

Staked lights outlining flowerbeds, walkways and driveways are a great way to liven up those areas that are usually overlooked.

*And don’t forget about 'old-fashion luminaries' when considering outlining community thoroughfares, walkways, or entryways.

Don’t delay, each year the calendar fills up faster!
Call now and make sure not to miss your chance to have your home or business decorated by the true holiday professionals.

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