Commercial Lighting


We decorate your mall, shopping center, bank, church, or office building with holiday lighting to your specifications.

Building front and rooftop items include over-sized displays, giant wreaths, and huge artificial trees. (up to 140’)

Wrapped trees, banners, and garlands on light poles continue the look throughout the property. Give your business the boost it needs during the holiday season!


Commercial Services Offered




Displays, Banners, & Pole Mounts

 With our extensive collection of over-sized decorations, such as giant wreaths and displays, (which can be mounted on the rooftop, building front or anywhere on the ground) we can handle all your commercial decorating needs. Our displays range from the more traditional 'Santa & Sleigh' & 'Christmas Carolers', to Ice Skating Elves or even any custom design that you can think of! Our banners come in a wide variety of sizes and themes and are also available with custom designs. Banners and displays mounted on light poles along streets or throughout parking lots are the ideal way to cover large areas.



Commercial Christmas Trees

 We carry a full line of indoor and outdoor Christmas trees. Outdoor options include vibrant 'Trees-of-Lights, amazing 'Garland Trees', and giant 'Panel Trees' ranging in size. (up to 140’) Add a big star, oversized decorations and lights to have the guaranteed 'talk of the town' this Christmas! Malls, shopping centers, municipal complexes and common areas within communities are the perfect spots. Whether installed on rooftops, over fountains or even on the ground, these decorations are always attention getters. Indoor trees are available in a wide array of colors, sizes and styles to match your existing decor. Nothing draws people together like an awesome 'Tree Lighting Ceremony'. Bring the kids, Santa will be there!






Commercial Tree Lighting

Tree lighting is by far the most spectacular form of holiday lighting...with options including:

*The famous ‘Wrapped to the Tips’-tm – every single branch is tightly wrapped from top to bottom

*The ‘Along All Main Arteries’-tm –lights wrap the trunk and extend upward along all sizeable branches toward the top of the tree:

* The ‘Trunk Wrap’ -tm - lights are wrapped horizontally up the trunk of the tree to a given height

* The ‘Canopy Wrap’ -tm –lights are placed outside the canopy in a variety of different ways including:

(1)The ‘Spiral Wrap’ -tm
(2)The ‘Vertical Wrap’ -tm
(3)The ‘Random Wrap’ -tm

Trees look great in colors too!

Don’t delay, each year the calendar fills up faster!
Call now and make sure not to miss your chance to have your home or business decorated by the true holiday professionals.

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