Community, City, State, and Federal Lighting


We offer a wide range of decorating options for your municipal complex, public thoroughfares, downtown area, state or federal buildings, and even military bases.

Our insured staff has the experience and ability to get the job done thoroughly, professionally, & on time. Panel Trees, “Over the Street” displays and “Drive-Thru” lighting tours always prove spectacular, and no company is more experienced with helping your “tree lighting ceremony” go off without a hitch!


Community Services Offered

Lit garland & wreaths around monument walls provide both daytime and nighttime decor. Outline nameplates, walls, column tops, and flowerbeds with traditional C9 bulbs, while using mini lights on bushes and trees.

Structural items such as towers, windmills, arches, and fence lines become beautifully accented with holiday lights.

Wrapped trees along a thoroughfare or garland on light poles carry the festive look throughout the community.

Other areas to think about include sales and leasing centers, amenity centers, golf clubs, pool houses and gazebos.




CommunityInterior & Exterior Design

Our “Interior Pros” will work in accordance to your wishes. Whether you need a large team of experienced professionals, or a single decorator to follow your continual instructions, we’ve got you covered.

We’re happy to decorate to your exact specs, or to design a job that sets the perfect mood. Add garland to fireplace mantles, banisters, stairway railings, and counter tops.

Wreaths are perfect for doors, windows, walls, and other creative spots.

We have unparalleled experience in both artificial and live Christmas trees, with the ability to transport and decorate even the largest, in the most difficult locations.


Don’t delay, each year the calendar fills up faster!
Call now and make sure not to miss your chance to have your home or business decorated by the true holiday professionals.

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